Serene Isley: Not getting away this time

13:33 video



Being a bounty hunter isn't as glamorous as they make it out to be on TV. Sometimes, the bounties are cooperative - usually pretty sheepish about being caught, but cooperative; and sometimes they run. Running usually isn't a problem for Ivan: he tracks very well and often anticipates the stupid mistakes people make, so he generally gets them pretty quickly. And sometimes they pretend to be cooperative, or try to seduce him, or pull some other ploy, then run. Most of them suck at lying, so he picks up on their true intent, but once in a rare while, he'll get someone who fools even him  like Serene. She played the role of pouty but reluctantly obliging, so Ivan let her use the bathroom on her own and she slipped out the small window. She's not going to get away so easy this time  she's not going to get away at all. Ivan brought a whole bag of rope, and absolutely no sympathy. He plans to be merciless with her.<br><br>For Serene's part, she kind of knows she's fucked from the moment Ivan walks in  but she's still going to do her damnedest to get away a second time. Unfortunately, her sexy black boots weren't exactly made for running, so when Ivan grabs her and pins her against the desk with his bulk, she is left to try to negotiate. He ties her wrists and elbows while she tries to find something he wants, but at this point, it's the principle of the thing: she got away once, and there is nothing she could offer him that would let her get away again  or to stop him from thoroughly tying her up. He has something for that lying mouth of hers, too  from the floor of his truck; he stuffs the rag in her mouth and uses wide electrical tape to pack it in tight. It doesn't do anything to improve Serene's attitude, but muffled cussing is much more charming than outright angry swearing. At this point, she's well past the possibility of riding comfortably in the cab with him, and instead will spend at least the first several hours hogtied in the bed of the truck under a tarp. It's a few day's drive back halfway across the country, giving her plenty of time to adjust her attitude. If she's still uncooperative after that, he's going to find the nastiest motel along the way, strip her naked, hogtie her, and leave her on the gross, dirty floor all night long. You know, just on principle. Either way, it's time for a ride  Ivan lifts Serene over his shoulder, admiring her tits along the way, and carries her out to the truck.

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