Elsa Ives & Jacquelyn Velvets: No more Talking

18:20 video



Introducing Elsa Ives in her very first bondage role. Miss Ives has been going over the books and has noticed someone has be stealing. So she calls her boss Ivan in to let him know. Ivan asks if she knows who is do it and she tells him if he gives her a few hours she can figure it out. Ivan tells Elsa he is going to get his boss and she can tell him what is going on. But when Ivan comes back there is no boss but there is a bag of rope. Elsa is pretty relaxed about being tied up and it take Ivan a few minutes to figure out why. It is because she thinks she is going to be able to get free and then get away, But tho her surprise Ivan knows how to tie a women up. After getting his sexy little hostage all tied up and cleave gagged, Ivan brings his partner Jacquelyn in to keep an eye on her. While Ivan is gone Miss Ives start talking to her and when Ivan comes back he find Jacquelyn untying Elsa. Knowing he can not trust Jacquelyn. Ivan ties her up. Then he stuff a cloth in both of the ladies mouths and tapes them shut. No more talking for these two. All that is is left now is to carry them both out to the vehicle.  

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