Jasmin: BID

10:41 video



Ivan is very upset. He just found out the company lost a big job because the client never received the bid. On his way to check with Jasmin to see what happened, he finds the bid sitting on her assistant's desk. Ivan does not want to fire Jasmin because she has been going a great job up to now. But he needs to find away to punish her so something like this does not happen again. Ivan figures a few hours tiedup on the desk may be just the thing. Jasmin does not want to be fired so she goes along with it but is not happy about it. Ivan XXXX Jasmin against the wall then tied her hand behind the back. After Ivan ties Jasmin lovely legs together at the ankles and below the knees, he stuffs a cloth in her mouth and tapes it in with some clear tape that he found in the desk drawer. Next Ivan places rope around Jasmin chest below and above her amply breasts. To make it even more uncomfortable for Jasmin a rope is wrapped around her waist and tied down to her ankles. Ivan tells her her will be back at 5 o'clock to untie her and leaves the room.

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