Shauna: Potty Mouth

11:06 video



Ivan doesn't mind too much that he isn't invited to the parties he sets up for his employers, except that he's missing out on all the lovely ladies dressed to the nines in form-fitting dresses, sexy stockings, and sky-high heels. He doesn't really fit in with that crowd anyway, but he would have liked to stay out of the way and admire the women. Instead, he is relegated to the back rooms and hallways, there in case something goes wrong or needs fixing. But today is his lucky day: one of his employer's very inebriated guests has come out looking for the bathroom  and she's dressed just the way he likes, with a tight red and black dress, Cuban stockings, and hot high heels. He could be nice and just direct her to the restroom, which she so desperately needs, but that would mean passing up this rare opportunity for fun. It's a good thing Ivan's job often involves the use of rope, because it means he has enough rope in his pockets to tie poor Shauna up. He starts with her wrists, while she protests with how much she needs to pee  if he insists on tying her up, could he at least do this in the bathroom?! Hopefully she can hold it long enough, even as he presses her against the wall to control her movements as he ties her voluptuous breasts. She threatens to pee on his leg, but he's pretty sure she won't, since that would mean she'd have to pee on herself and her shiny new dress. But since she has such a potty mouth, he decides to use something he found in the bathroom for a gag: dirty panties. Shauna tries to kick him in retaliation, but he just grabs her around the waist and lifts her effortlessly off her feet, putting her on her knees on the floor, propped against the wall. Ivan ties her ankles crossed while she whines and whimpers from behind the gag, then ties her knees. Muffled pleas to let her go are ignored, as are the foul-mouthed insults he can barely make out. Instead, he ties her ankles to a rope around her waist, putting her in a position that reminds her all the more how much she needs to use the bathroom. But don't worry, Ivan is eventually going to take Shauna to the bathroom  he lifts her from the floor straight up onto his shoulder, and carries her off to the room she was so desperately seeking.

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