Blair: Come back home

10:22 video



Blair and her husband haven't been getting along lately  well, really for a long while. Ivan revealed his true colors after the romance of the beginning faded, and Blair put up with it for a long time before finally leaving him. Unfortunately, she didn't account for just how spiteful he might be. He had followed her when she left the house, saw the hotel where she rented a room, then planned appropriately, dealing with the clerk at the front desk to get a key and to clear the way out with a clever little story about his wife's fantasy of being XXXX. A little money helped ease the clerk's worries, and Ivan was home free  or at least free to take his wife home. To be fair, Ivan did try asking her nicely to come home. When that didn't work, he uses XXXX  and rope. Blair tries to reason with him, suggesting a nice discussion over drinks like old times instead of tying her up, and he lets her talk while still binding her wrists and ankles. When that doesn't work, she tries to poke holes in his plan, but Ivan explains what he did before coming to her room, then shuts up any further protestations by gagging her with panties and tape. Only then does she start to struggle, but it's a little late  if she had any chance of actually stopping him, it would have been at the beginning, before he tied her wrists, ankles, and knees. Now the rope is pretty easy to apply to her elbows, even with her struggling, which he fixes with a rope from her wrists to her ankles. It turns out she's pretty sexy this way! She's still bitching at him from behind the gag, but at least she looks hot  the rope highlights her shapely calves and toned thighs, and her breasts are nice and prominent with her elbows tied tight. He has almost forgotten what those tits look like, since she never dresses nicely for him anymore, so he unbuttons her blouse and pulls her bra down. Ivan decides to go make sure the hotel clerk is still okay with the situation before he carries Blair out  it would be such a shame to ruin the mood with a visit from the police. He leaves her tied up on the bed, trying to yell through the gag. When he comes back, he tosses her over his shoulder, eliciting a terrified squeal from his wife, and takes her home in style. It may not really be her fantasy, but it's turning into reality now!

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