Sahrye: Eliminating the Competition

9:20 video



An older, more experienced woman may be more qualified for a job, but the younger, more attractive woman, even with less experience is more likely to get the job  something Sahrye enhances by dressing to show off her assets, in stockings, heels, a tight skirt, and fitted blouse. When Ivan found out she was his wife's competition for this job, he decided to level the playing field a bit  by removing the competition. He grabbed Sahrye before the interview, brought her to a well-insulated room, and only has to keep her here long enough for her to miss her interview  potential employers tend to frown upon missed interviews. Not to mention it will be fun to tie up those assets  he starts by tying her wrists, keeping her from fighting too much by holding her arms over the back of a wood stool. He ties her hips and chest down to the stool so she can't go anywhere while he ties her legs. She still tries to kick him, so he grabs one ankle firmly and crosses that leg over the other; rope around both ankles preventing any more of that pesky kicking, and more rope secures those sexy legs together. Ivan is mainly doing this for his wife, but there are some advantages  he gets to fondle her sexy competition, caressing her legs and groping her tits. He even takes a few pictures so Sahrye won't forget and go blabbing to anyone about what he did  and for his own collection. Once he hears from his wife that she's been offered the position, Ivan will let Sahrye go, but for now he gets to enjoy watching her struggle and flex against the rope. Ivan is almost sorry that his wife can only interview for the job once  this has been fun!

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