Elizabeth Andrews: Puppy dog eyes

11:42 video



When Lizz asked for a dog to keep her company while Ivan is away at work, Ivan agreed, but he had two conditions: Lizz had to take care of the dog, and he would have to be well-behaved. Well, she does an okay job of taking care of the dog  feeding him, walking him, bathing and brushing him  but she hasn't done a great job of training him, or at least not to Ivan's satisfaction. When a pair of new work boots get chewed up by the dog, Ivan brings up his conditions to Lizz again  and she tries to blame him for leaving his boots on the floor! Sure, the dog is still a puppy and likes to chew on things, as Lizz argues, but that's what chew toys are for, not boots. She argues that he's just a dog, a puppy, and it's not his fault, Ivan is inclined to agree  it's Lizz's fault, since it's Lizz's puppy, and she will be the one punished. Fortunately for Ivan, what qualifies as punishment for Lizz is something he enjoys  rope. Lizz argues that they should just have a fight like normal couples, argue for a little while, then be done with it, not this silly rope stuff, but he already has her wrists tied. He ties her elbows as she threatens to wear sweatpants and the ugly boots he hates for the rest of the week if he continues to tie her, but while the prospect of her not wearing the sexy skirt, pantyhose, and high heels he prefers is disappointing, he'll be at work most of the time, and won't have to see her dressed like a slob. Still, he gags her complaining mouth and gets to tie those sexy legs without any more complaints. Lizz does still try to argue with him through the gag, but it doesnt do any good, and neither do the puppy dog eyes or her gesturing with her legs for him to untie her. It's actually pretty sexy, the way she squirms in the rope and arches to try to untie it herself. The way she often sits curled up in the big chair gives him an idea to add one more rope, making her even hotter than before. It may not turn her on, but he certainly likes it. Even her attempts to get loose are quite sexy. Before long, he decides to pick her up and take her to the bedroom for a little fun  who doesn't love make-up sex?

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