Madalynn Raye: Sexy to go

11:12 video



Ivan is employed as a rather intimidating and very effective bouncer at a nightclub, but his boss knows his talents lie beyond just controlling stupid XXXX people in their bad behavior. One of the reasons his boss, David, owns a bar/nightclub is for all of the sexy little ladies who come in dressed to impress, in tight and short dresses or skirts and sexy high heels. Most of the time it's just fun to watch them dance and writhe against each other, but occasionally one will catch his eye as something more. Madalynn came in wearing the usual attire, but it was her stockings that set her apart: that black back-seam starting from the Cuban heel and ascending up her slender legs to disappear under her short dress. The contrast tops of the Cuban stockings peeked out from under the hem when she danced, and it just made David's blood stir. It was easy enough to find some reason to kick Madalynn out, but instead of having Ivan just toss her into the street, he had Ivan bring her back to one of the back offices to get her ready for a little trip. David had gone ahead home to get things ready for sexy little Maddie, trusting in Ivan's ability to handle her with care. Ivan brought her in with a fist in her hair, then pushed her against the wall to tie her wrists behind her back. He tells her, with his big meaty hand around her throat, that if she behaves, if she's nice, she won't get hurt  not by Ivan anyway. He ties her ankles tightly, then ties a cloth between her teeth, warning her that she'd better not be gone when he gets back  he needs a little more rope for her. Upon his return, he throws down a pile of ropes, keeping one to tie her elbows. Ivan takes her down to the floor easily and ties her knees, another rope pulling her knees close to her chest. If there were any concern before that she might get away, there isn't any more, as her ankles are tied off to her wrists as well. She can barely even squirm. Just one more addition and she should be ready to go  he packs another cloth into her mouth and tapes it in. All she can do at this point is flex her calves and give a muffled squeal when Ivan picks her up to go.

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