Lexy Mae: Vicious Little Bitch

15:39 video



Relationships seem great when they start, but once the shine wears off, you start noticing all the annoying little things they do, and seeing all the things they stopped doing. Lexy Mae used to do a lot for Ivan, and he was pretty good to her, but lately things have not been going well. She has been bitching about him slacking off, he has been spending more and more time at the bar each night after work, and they are fighting anytime they're in the same room. Well, Ivan has a solution to end the relationship: a little rope, and a little trip, and they're done. He drags her into the room by the hair, tosses her onto the bed, and holds her hands behind her back while she hisses at him to let her go. Sassy Lexy Mae squirms and fights against him, and snatches from his hand the rope he pulled from his pocket. But Ivan can be a little meaner if necessary  and she's making it necessary  so he pins her properly and ties her wrists tightly, roping them off to her ankles so he can tie her better. As he continues tying her, she spits that she hates him, and he admits that he kind of hates her too  they really should have stopped seeing each other a long time ago. But he'll take her back to her parents soon enough  he'll leave her just like this on their front porch, and her daddy can untie her. Meanwhile, he wants to shut her up, so he stuffs one of her pretty scarves into her mouth, and tapes it in with electrical tape wrapped around her head, then ties her ankles to her wrists. She tries to grab a hold of the rope to stop him, but he threatens to jerk the rope out of her hands, which will probably break her fingers. More rope makes this even more fun  the most fun he's had with her in the last six months or more. He slides her dress off her shoulders to see those pretty tits one last time before she's gone from his life. While he goes to get the truck, he has to make sure she's not going anywhere, so he ties her hair back to her ankles in what seems like a really uncomfortable position. Yeah, they've established that he's a jerk, an asshole, and a bastard, and she's a bitch. He will miss a few things: her body is great, with those fabulous legs, tight ass, nice curves, and sweet tits, but it's her personality that ruins it. Oh well. Her daddy can have her back  Ivan tosses her sweet ass over his shoulder and takes her back where she came from.


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