Serene Isley: Separate Ways

12:32 video



Having a beautiful woman involved in a con can be quite rewarding  just as long as she doesn't end up conning you as well  and because she's beautiful, she might just get away with it. It's a good thing that Ivan was always nice to their paperwork resource, Jimmy, and even kind of good that Serene let it show that she always felt Jimmy was kind of creepy and wasn't especially fond of him  because when it came down to it, Jimmy felt more loyalty to Ivan than to snobby Serene. When she came to him looking for new papers  passport, driver's license, background paperwork  the usual package  Jimmy gave Ivan a call to see if he needed the same package  just after Serene had disappeared on Ivan with all the money from their big con.<br><br>So when Serene comes to pick up her paperwork, it's not Jimmy who answers the door, but Ivan. It IS Jimmy's rope that Ivan uses to tie her wrists and elbows, and what Ivan thought was a pair of Serene's panties she left behind (but are way too big for her shapely ass) serve as the stuffing in her big mouth when he tapes it shut. She was trying to claim that she had Jimmy make the package for her as a back-up plan in case they got caught by the cops, that they would go their separate ways to have a better chance of getting away clean  but you can't con a con man, and Ivan knows better. Well, he is fine with going their separate ways, as long as those separate ways involve him getting the money and Serene staying as Jimmy's play thing as payback for trying to double-cross Ivan. He'll even set things up for Jimmy to get a good look at his new toy, unbuttoning Serene's blouse and pulling her bra down to expose her lovely tits  one of her many assets that works so well with the marks  then puts her on the floor and ties her knees and ankles, too  and those legs are another asset, one that often distracted Ivan on the job while Serene did such a great job luring in the mark.Ivan is a reasonable man, though, so he's going to give Serene some opportunity  after he ties her ankles off to a rope around her waist, he points out the knot that would start the untying process. If she works quickly enough, she MIGHT be able to get free before Jimmy gets back, and could avoid dealing with the smelly, awkward, perverted nerd, who has provided Ivan with his new papers. Ivan is off to wherever  not to where they had planned to go originally, of course  and Serene is stuck here  so it turns out they ARE going their separate ways!

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