Blair Blouson: Negotiate first, or walk away

10:36 video



There is something irresistibly sexy about that successful businesswoman look - nice skirt, button-up blouse, high heels, lace-top thigh-high stockings - and Blair knows that. so Ivan's request isn't all that unusual to her. When she arrives, she expects to start talking business, but Ivan is more ready to get down to business, and pulls out a length of rope - not exactly what Blair was expecting. Usually they tell her ahead of time about this kind of thing, and there is discussion and negotiation before the rope comes out - but Ivan isn't quite that patient, and knows what he wants. Blair protests mildly to the rope at first, but, well, as long as she can walk away, she supposes it will be alright, so she doesn't resist as he ties her wrists. When he shoves a cloth in her mouth and wraps electrical tape around her head, she protests again - considerably more muffled now - but he argues that she can still walk away, so she's alright still, even as he ties her elbows. Blair still tries to negotiate through the gag, though Ivan can't understand a word of what she's trying to say. Not that it matters much anyway - Ivan has enough money to get what he wants. He unbuttons her blouse - hey, she can still walk away, right? - and has her sit on the ottoman and cross her legs. That's sexy, even if Blair doesn't really think so. Though now Ivan reveals he was lying - he is going to tie her legs - but no worries, they're going to get along just fine, and she won't need to walk away. He ties her ankles and just above her knees, keeping that sexy crossed legs look that shows off her shapely calves. Blair is really agitated now, bouncing on the ottoman and trying to tell Ivan to stop, but she is too muffled to be understood with anything but body language - and her body is only telling Ivan yes. He ties her ankles to one leg of the ottoman, and her wrists to another, stopping that bouncing, since just flexing is much sexier. Ivan tells Blair that he's going to sit across the hotel room and watch her, and if she entertains him, he'll let her go, but she's staying here, all tied up, until she does. 

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