Serene Isley: Telling wife

10:40 video



Serene has been having an affair with her boss, Ivan, for several years and she is tired of sharing. Before taking a few days off she tells Ivan " if you do not leave your wife. I am going to tell her about us." Ivan is no longer in love with his wife but does not want to give up half of the money and business he has worked so hard to build. On Serene's first day back, she goes into the bosses office sits on his desk, curls her sexy legs up, and asks if he has missed her. Which of course he has. Ivan was hoping she changed her mind about telling his wife but no luck. Ivan has no choose now. It is easier to get rid of a single secretary then to divorce a wife. Ivan pulls some rope out of the desk drawer and starts tying Serene's wrist together. To which she replies " I did not say we could play these kind of games at work". It does not take long for her to realize this is not a game. Serene's blouse is unbuttoned reviling her stunning figure and lovely cleavage. When Ivan ties her elbows tightly together the view only improves. Ivan wants to keep it all, money, business, and the sexy women on the side. To make it work all he has to do is take Serene to a very nice house he owns deep in the woods. Were the staff will take good care of her and of course keep her there. It should make for some very fun bondage weekends. Ivan finish tying Serene up. Placing rope around her hot legs at the ankles and right below the knees.Then placing her into a very tight hogtie. Serene stood up on her knees still in the hogtie before being lifted onto Ivan shoulder.

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