Chrissy Daniels: Better Deal

10:51 video



Some women are just vengeful. Ivan doesn't know what this guy did to earn Chrissy's disdain, he just works hard to run his company, but for whatever reason, Chrissy wants to take it away from him, and she's paying Ivan good money to do so. Sometimes, though, money just isn't quite enough incentive, which is why Chrissy's competitor threw in another reward on top of doubling Ivan's fee: Chrissy herself. With some chicks, it wouldn't be worth it, but with Chrissy, she has those long shapely legs, that gorgeous red hair, the pretty face, the slim body, and that perfect ass, so Ivan is sold on the deal  and that's not something Chrissy will ever offer him, even when she tries to bargain her way out of the situation. By that point, her wrists, ankles, and knees are already tied while she flexes those sexy legs, and there is nothing she can say that will sway Ivan, so he just stuffs a cloth into her mouth and tapes it shut. He has seen most of her body with the way she dresses, but now that she can't protest, he wants to see under her clothes  and what a sight, indeed. He ties her elbows while she kicks her legs against the rope, but it will take more than squirming for her to get out of his rope, especially once he ties her wrists to her ankles. The flex shows off the muscles in her thighs and calves, and her twisting and reaching for the rope just makes Ivan even more confident in his decision. Chrissy will be a lot of fun  whether she wants to be or not. Even her squeals of fear as he throws her over his shoulder are sexy!

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