Anna Lee: Companion for the night and then some

9:42 video



Ivan is willing to pay a lot to get what he wants, and Anna comes at a high price. He wants to make sure she's worth it, so as soon as she walks in the door, he has her turn around and show the goods. The short skirt shows off her legs, with the lace tops of her fishnet stockings visible beneath the hem. A loose knit top doesn't conceal the black bra and slim body underneath. When he's satisfied with his "companion" for the night, Anna wisely demands the money up front. Unfortunately, Ivan has other plans  he has already paid enough for this isolated hotel room on the empty side of the huge hotel, and he's not planning to pay any more, but he has something else green for Anna  his rope. He ties her wrists while he has her pinned against the plush bed, her skirt riding up to reveal a skimpy thong framing her perfect ass. He ties her ankles and knees while she bitches about him calling her a call girl or XXXX, and she starts screaming for help, even though she's already tried it several times, and there's no one to come to her rescue. Ivan gets a little tired of her screeching, so he stuffs her mouth with a cloth and tapes it shut; she still whines, but at least it's muffled by the gag. Another rope from her wrists to her ankles makes her a tidy package for the trip to his place. One quick glance out in the hallway to make sure he really does have this section of the hotel to himself, and Ivan is ready to come back, throw her over his shoulder, and take her home with him. 

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