GG: Deal of the Century

9:26 video



GG has put a lot of time and effort into charming this big client, and is so close to closing the deal with them. Today is the day, and the meeting is in just a couple hours. GG made sure to dress professionally but with a hint of sex appeal and seduction, showing off her curves and fantastic ass and legs just to help encourage the client to sign the contract. Unfortunately for her, though, she’s not going to make it to the meeting, since she got intercepted by Ivan. Feisty though GG is, she’s no match for Ivan’s strength and size, and he simply manhandles her into his rope, tying her hands. Just like any woman, she tries to talk and bargain her way out of the situation, offering Ivan one thing or another just so she can go to this meeting and seal the deal. But she's not making any deal with him that would convince him to let her go, so he crams a cloth in her mouth and puts several pieces of shiny black tape over it. Now he can tie her knees and ankles in relative peace, admiring those shapely legs in smooth stockings and sexy high-heeled pumps. She tries to fiddle with the knot at her wrists, but her fingers aren’t long enough to reach it.

Ivan sits GG up and unbuttons her shiny green blouse, pulling her bra down and wrapping rope around her chest. Another rope tying her wrists to her ankles should keep her still, but it doesn’t prevent him from moving her and dangling her over the edge of the box he has tied her on for a nice squeal. Her squirming only means she rocks closer to each edge, and even though the floor is only a couple of feet away, it looks like miles when you’re tied up, and she doesn’t want to fall. But she doesn’t need to worry, since she’s not going to stay there long. Ivan comes back and hefts her onto his shoulder to carry her away.

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