Madalynn Rae: Broken trust

11:12 video



You think you can trust someone, but people always let you down. When Ivan met Madalynn at a local coffeeshop, he thought she was nice enough, and after a several times of chatting with her while she worked there, she seemed trustworthy. So, when he went out of town for a weekend and needed someone to watch his house, he called on her. But, when he returned, he heard from his neighbors that she did a little more than watch the house – she used it for a huge unruly party. She apparently did a good job of cleaning things up, since he hasn’t yet found any physical evidence of the party, but the neighbors told him there were cars parked all in his front and back yards, down the driveway and up the street. Still, that’s no excuse for violating his trust, and he is going to teach her a lesson.

Under the pretense of thanking her for watching the house, Ivan invites Madalynn over, but as soon as she’s inside he grabs her by the hair and drags her into the den where rope is waiting for her. He binds her wrists and elbows, jerking her around while he explains what he has learned from the neighbors, making her blouse hitch up and show off her toned stomach. The rope goes around her waist, then between her legs pulling her already short skirt up even higher to display her stocking tops. He crams a pair of panties he discovered behind the couch into her mouth, then wraps medical tape around her head to keep her quiet. Even though he knows she can’t answer anymore, he asks if she and her boyfriend fucked in his bed, since now that seems like something she would do. He ties her ankles, then her knees, enjoying the view of her sexy little ass as he pulls her heels to it. All that rope makes her slim frame a compact little package, to the point that she can barely do more than squirm and grunt when he unbuttons her blouse. Ivan goes to look for any damage her wild party may have caused, leaving Madalynn to squirm and try to move. While he’s roaming the house, an idea for further punishment comes to him: since she had sex in his bed without him, maybe she should have sex in his bed WITH him. He picks her up, tosses her over his shoulder, and carries her upstairs to have his way with her.

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