Anna Lee: Tied and Gagged

10:28 video



Ivan comes in carrying Anna over his broad shoulder, and throws her onto the bed, keeping her legs pinned under his arm. When she starts flailing and slapping at Ivan, he flips her over and pulls her hands behind her back, tying them securely. She kicks her legs, heels hitting Ivan’s ass, but he barely even notices. Once the rope around her wrists is knotted, Ivan puts her on her knees on the bed, but she squirms and twists until she can kick at him again, so he grabs her ankles and pulls her toward him, wrapping rope around her knees with her feet trapped between his knees. Since she can’t move her legs, she fiddles with the ends of the rope around her wrists, so once Ivan ties off her knees, he grabs her wrists and reties the knot. He retrieves her shiny high heels and puts them back on her feet, making sure they stay on this time by tying them on when he ties her ankles together, even though she tries to kick them off again while he does.

In between whining about what he’s doing to her, she asks why, but he has already heard enough of her whimpers, and pulls her to sitting so he can stuff a wad of cloth into her mouth and tape it in with black gaffer’s tape. She glares and tries to spit it out, but Ivan adds enough tape to her face to quiet her down a little while he puts more rope around her chest, flipping her long hair out of his way as he goes. He shoves her over on the bed and lets her roll around for a few minutes, watching her flex her legs and pull against the rope for a moment before he pins her legs down again and runs his rough hands over her silky pantyhose. She has a fantastic body anyway, and those shorts show off her shapely thighs and calves, giving Ivan all sorts of ideas. He has the downstairs room all set up and ready for fun, but he needs squirmy little Anna to be a slightly easier-to-carry package, so adds another rope to pull her heels close to her ass. Now she can barely move, but she’s still whining like a little bitch. That’s only natural, really – most girls would if they were all tied up and gagged. Ivan takes a minute to check the path, not wanting to trip on the way and break his new toy – or at least not that way. He has all sorts of plans to hurt her later, but those are all on purpose, and he doesn’t want any accidents before then. He lifts her easily to his shoulder and carries her off downstairs

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