Nyxon: Should have left early

10:57 video



Most everyone at the office knows Nyxon is a slacker and doesn’t really work. Ivan suspects the only reason she’s still around is that the boss likes a little eye-candy and Nyxon is easy on the eyes. That’s probably why she gets away with leaving early or coming in late all the time. But the one time Ivan was counting on her leaving at her usual time, she decides to be responsible and stay until 5. So when Ivan comes in to take some important documents from her desk, he has to deal with Nycon. Luckily Ivan has some experience dealing with unwanted people, and has his rope with him. He grabs her by the throat, then pins her arms behind her back and ties her wrists and elbows. Nyxon doesn’t even know there are any important documents in her possession, but Ivan knows that those documents will get him a nice fat paycheck and a new job at the rival company. Now, purely for his pleasure, he unbuttons her silky blouse and reveals her shapely figure and perky little tits.

Next he leans her over the desk, folding her legs up against her ass. More rope ties her knees and ankles, and she starts to object on the principle that it’s time to clock out, and she’s done playing this game with him. Unfortunately for her, he’s not done with her. As he continues to tie her, she tries to convince him she needs to go home and feed her cat, and brings up other false reasons to try to get out of this situation. But Ivan isn’t convinced, and before long gets tired of hearing her talk nonsense. After he finishes putting her in a hogtie, he pulls out a wad of cloth and some electrical tape, stuffing her mouth with the cloth and taping it in. Now hat he has what he came for, unfortunately he has to go and leave her sexy ass here for someone else to find. He hopes for her sake that the cleaning crew shows up tonight, but if not, oh well.

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