Serene Isley: Diva gets dumped

11:38 video



Theater diva Serene Isley always seems to get the lead role in anything she auditions for - and for good reason, with a body like that, slim and curvy with amazing tits, sexy stockings and knee-high boots - but Lila is tired of only being the understudy. Luckily, Lila is friends with Ivan, who happens to be very good at solving problems like hers. Lila figures that if she actually gets the chance to play the lead role, the directors will see just how good she is - but Serene guards her position well, and has never missed a performance - until tonight. Tonight, Ivan is going to make sure Serene does not make it to the show, and Lila will finally get to go on in her place.

As if helping out his sexy friend (and getting well paid for it) isn't enough motivation for Ivan, he gets the added pleasure of playing with the primadonna. When he gets her wrists tied and unbuttons her jacket, she protests that THAT is not part of the show! But it is for Ivan, getting the full show, tits, legs, ass, and all. Tying sexy Serene up, securing her to a tall barstool, these are things the henchmen in the movies always seem to get to do, and now Ivan gets to do it for real, while Serene squirms and bitches. More and more of the diva comes out as Ivan puts more rope on her, framing those amazing breasts with green rope, tying her hips to the chair, then finally, when there is temporarily enough rope on her, he pulls out a bright orange scarf and fits it between her teeth and tied behind her head. It doesn't completely quiet her, but it at least makes her bitching a bit easier to ignore - especially when he pulls her breasts up out of the bra, her perky nipples on display. Next her knees get tied on the fishnet stockings above the boots, then around her ankles on top of the shiny black boots. Serene pulls and strains against the rope, but Ivan has tied her tightly to the chair to ensure she isn't going to make it to her show.

As much as Serene badmouths Lila, she knows that missing a show and letting Lila take her role is going to mean trouble for Serene's career. In addition to being tied up and manhandled by this brute, she may well be out of a job after this if Lila does well, and Ivan tells Serene that if Lila doesn't do a great job tonight, he'll have to keep Serene out of the way a while longer to give Lila time to improve. Serene tries to negotiate with Ivan, but he has lost patience with her arrogance and complaining, so crams a wad of black satin panties into her mouth and keeps them in with shiny black tape. When it looks like she might actually work the tape off, Ivan comes back with green electrical tape to wrap around her head to keep the other tape in place. He leaves poor helpless Serene tied to the stool while he goes to watch the show and see how Lila does in her new role

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