Fayth on Fire: Not getting paid

9:38 video



Ivan always sort of wondered what his upstairs neighbor Fayth did for a living, when it seems like she’s always at home and makes an awful lot of noise at odd hours of the day. This time, after a long and stressful week, his patience with her racket has finally disappeared, so he goes up to confront her.

Everyone has to make a living somehow, and Fayth’s business is, well, a little unconventional. Ivan finds out just how unconventional after banging on her door and discovering her in a sexy corset and short black skirt, pantyhose and high heels, with a length of rope in her hand. What the hell? And he sees studio lights, a whole pile of green rope on the couch, shiny panties and stiletto heels scattered on the floor when he pushes his way in through the door. Fayth tries to shoo Ivan out so she can work, but he decides he wants a little piece of the action, and grabs a rope to tie her elbows. This is not what neighbors do! But Fayth, always business-minded, decides she might be able to work this to her advantage, to get her neighbor to become a customer. Ivan can tie her up, but he has to pay for it like any other customer.

But, of course, Ivan is not planning on paying. He has been polite and neighborly before, asking Fayth to be quiet at least during certain times of day and night, not clomping around on the hardwood floors with her stilettos, but she has not been cooperative in the least. Now that Ivan sees what she’s doing, he decides there is a better way to keep her quiet. Her rope will do quite nicely to keep her from stomping around, and when she goes a step too far with her demands for money and pretty much spits in his face, Ivan grabs a piece of trash off a nearby table – which turns out to be a folded up cardboard sleeve for stockings – and a roll of tape, and crams the cardboard between her teeth, wrapping tape around her head. It doesn’t do too much to keep her quiet, but it does enough, and allows him to tie her ankles and knees in relative peace. Just to make sure she can’t stomp on the hardwoods anymore, Ivan ties her shoes up off the floor. She is pretty sexy this way, so Ivan can understand why somebody might pay to see her this way, but thankfully he can do it for free, AND solve the stomping problem. Leaving Fayth tied to the chair, Ivan goes off to get the first good night’s rest in a long while.

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