Dakkota: Bitchy ex-wife gets tied and gagged

11:56 video



Ivan was pretty happy with his sexy trophy wife for many years, until she started getting greedy and wanting more money than she deserved. When he stopped giving her all that money to spend, she got a divorce and restraining order, but Ivan has had enough. He comes back home – the home he worked and paid for – and takes possession of what’s rightfully his – including Dakkota. He pins her to the couch, ties her wrists behind her back, takes an old scarf he gave her when they first got married and wraps it between her teeth. It only helps a little to quiet her shrill shrieks, but it does give Ivan a chance to tie her ankles and knees – those fabulous legs he first fell in love with, especially with the sexy red pumps and stockings.

“Are you done with your silly little game? I’m done with it – untie me!” But Ivan is nowhere near done. For one thing, he can still hear that bitchy mouth, but luckily he came prepared with something else to cram in her mouth – an old handkerchief – and he keeps it in her big mouth with red vetwrap. Who knows, this might even save their marriage, if Ivan could keep Dakkota tied up and gagged all the time – she’s a lot sexier this way, and not having to hear that mouth all the time could do wonders for their relationship. But, he still unties her wrists as she wants – for a minute anyway. He ties them again above her head as she squeals indignantly, but there’s not much she can do at this point besides squirm sexily. He ties her wrists off to a long rope that he stretches from one end of the couch to the other and ties off to her ankles, pulling Dakkota’s long lean body tight across the couch. Only one problem now – Ivan doesn’t really want to leave her there like that – it’s not the tied up part, or even the tied to the couch part, just her being in this room. Since she’s taking up the couch, there’s no comfortable spot for him to sit and enjoy the view. So he picks up one end of the couch and drags it – with Dakkota still tied to it – into the other room with his favorite recliner. Problem solved!

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