Sahrye: This is not how you treat the help!

10:34 video



Ivan knew that Sahrye would be trouble when he hired her, but it’s the kind of trouble he likes. Sahrye struts around in those sexy skirts, stockings, and heels, driving all the other employees crazy and distracting them from their jobs. And she knows exactly what she’s doing. So Ivan decides to turn slutty little Sahrye into a little play toy for all the boys under him – a fact which Sahrye is none too pleased with. She fights tooth and nail when Ivan grabs her and drags her into the living room, kicking, scratching, slapping, in all her tiny fury. Ivan has fun taming her wild fighting, though it takes him a while to pin her down and tie her up. First he has to contain her fierce legs, tying her knees to lessen the range of motion, then her ankles to slow her down further. Even then she still tries to roll away and has surprising mobility, but he catches her again, tying her ankles to a rope around her waist, then finally corrals her arms too. Even after it’s clear she’s lost, she still squirms and fights against the rope, and when Ivan gags that sassy mouth she tries her best to bite his finger off. With as much of a spitfire as she was to tie up, Ivan bets she’s a devil in the bed, so he decides he gets first go at this wild lady before he hands her off to the boys. He picks her small frame right off the floor and throws her over his shoulder, making her squeal in protest like she’s going to squeal when he has his fun with her.

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