XLCR Moon: Too sexy to be a courier

8:44 video



The people who hired Moon to deliver the contents of this briefcase went through a lot of trouble to keep it safe and out of the wrong hands – decoys, waypoints, splitting up the contents between two couriers… of course, they didn’t tell Moon any of this. So she is taken unaware when Ivan catches her at one of her waypoints, pinning her against the wall and XXXX her to drop the briefcase. They don’t pay her nearly enough to risk her life for the stupid briefcase, so she immediately offers, “Just take the briefcase and let me go!” But Ivan wants to secure her first, starting by wrapping electrical tape around her elbows, before he checks the contents of the briefcase, and if they’re not the right ones, well, poor sexy Moon becomes a bargaining chip. Ivan adds progressively more tape – around her wrists, then around her small waist to keep her arms down. He turns her around so her back is to the wall, noticing her gorgeous naturally large breasts while he pulls out a cloth to stuff her mouth with. Her fitted shirt is pulled tight across those lovely boobs from the way her arms are tied, and her cleavage is oh-so-inviting. It’s a little distracting for Ivan while he wraps more electrical tape around Moon’s head to keep the gag in, but business before pleasure. He continues down to her shapely legs, winding the tape around her ankles, her knees, and her thighs. With that body and those legs, Ivan tells her, “You’re too sexy to be a courier - gives me ideas of other things I could do to you…” But again, business before pleasure. Now that she’s fully secured, Ivan picks up the briefcase, sets it on the nearby couch, and rifles through the contents while Moon squirms against the wall. It’s the right stuff – but it’s only half of what he needs. “Where is the other half?” Ivan asks Moon, unbuttoning her shiny blouse. But they didn’t tell Moon any of this, not even to look out for Ivan, so she doesn’t know. Well, she can still be useful as one hot bargaining chip. Ivan goes off to call Moon’s boss and offer to trade her for the other half of the files, but she has a sinking feeling they care more about the files than they do about her, and she’ll be stuck with this maniac. With his first call, her fears are confirmed – the owner of the cases is stubborn, and doesn’t want to give in to Ivan. It seems he doesn’t believe that Ivan will in fact hurt Moon, so Ivan comes and fondles Moon a bit to help him think of what he can say to convince her employer that he’s serious. Ivan tries another phone call, and this time, with a few gruesome descriptions of what he’ll do to Moon, he convinces her employer to trade the poor girl for the other case. So Ivan tosses Moon over his shoulder, getting a good look at those legs, and says to her, “You’d better hope your boss man hurries, because I’m not sure I can keep my hands off you – you and I could have a lot of fun

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