Orias: I Swear I Didn't Do It

11:29 video



Orias was asleep on her bed when she wakes suddenly to find a large man flipping her over and pinning her wrists behind her back. She swears that whatever it is, she didn’t do it. When she asks if he is a cop, she chuckles and tells him that she wishes he was a cop as he lashes her wrists together. She kicks her black thigh high covered legs around, but can’t make contact with anything to help her. Her elbows get wrenched together next. Between whimpers and winces, she tries to find out why he’s doing this to her, only discover that it’s purely for his entertainment, which she finds even more disturbing. When he pulls down her blouse to show off her bra, she tells him that she’s starting to freak out and squeals loudly while she’s manhandled.

The man grabs her ankles in one hand and a rope in the other and cinches her ankles together, looping the rope around her high heels. Orias is flipped over and even more rope is added to her legs. She pleads with the man, prays, does everything she can think of but none of it does any good. She is still making too much noise though and he stuffs a pair of purple satin panties he found lying around in her mouth and winds black vetwrap around her head to make sure she stays quiet. He adds an extra layer through the center using yellow electrical tape.
br> Orias whimpers into the huge mouth stuffing as the man ties her wrists off to one corner of the bed and her ankles to the back of the day bed so they are in the air and give her no leverage. He continues to add rope to her body making her even more helpless with every coil, even pulls her bra down to expoe her breasts. Finally, the man decides to tell Orias why this is happening to her…and it’s all Lila Lasher’s fault.

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