Anna: Daddy's Princess is Taught a Lesson

9:54 video



Anna sat in her chair, playing with her nails thinking that she needed a manicure and that she could probably have sprung for a better room, this place wasn’t nearly up to her standards. A man walked in the room and told her that her father sent him to get his credit cards back because she has been spending waaaay too much money. She lies and says that she doesn’t have them on him right now. Sadly for her, the man knows that she would never be without her plastic.

The man grabs Anna from the chair pulling her arms painfully behind her back. With what little courtesy she had gone, she yells at the man, cursing at him. When the man lectures her on her spending habits and how much money her father has, she rebuts that her father had enough money to pay him. He quickly gets her wrists bound despite her princess whimpers. Regaining her composure, she berates the man telling him that he can’t just find a socialite and tie her up. She tries to bite him when he puts his hand near her face. When she refuses to open her mouth, he grabs her neck, squeezing telling her that he will XXXX her until she does. It only takes a few seconds for her to realize he is serious and her lips part. He stuffs a big cloth in her mouth and winds silver tape around her head over and over locking the cloth in place.

With her two weapons of choice gone, her mouth and her hands, Anna tries to kick at the man, but that too is taken away when he binds her legs below the knee and at the ankle, even tying on her pretty pink high heels. She whimpers and squeals behind the gag, screaming at him to leave her alone. She really starts making noise when the man reaches for the buttons on her blouse, exposing her bra. He thought she could use some humiliation to teach her a lesson since nothing else has worked so far. He goes to find her purse to search for the credit card, leaving her struggling to get free from his ropes.

When he comes back empty handed, he decided that he has to go find her friend that Anna claims has the card. To keep Anna from hoping to the door or window, he ties a rope around her waist and pulls her ankles up tying them off making sure she won’t be going anywhere. She continues to wiggle and whine into the gag until he tosses her over his shoulder to carry her back to her daddy dearest.

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