Alexia Valentine: Joy Ride

10:24 video



Having Alexia live with Ivan has its perks – curvy Scottish redhead that she is, wearing the fitted dresses and skirts with stockings and heels, walking around all sexy – but it has its downside, too: mainly when Alexia takes the keys to his Jeep and drives around town. She seems to think she’s still in Scotland, where they drive on the other side of the road, and she has already gotten in a couple of fender-benders. When Ivan noticed another ding in his Jeep, he decided he had enough. It’s time to teach Alexia a lesson. She tries to brush off the car stuff like it’s nothing, but that just pisses Ivan off more. He grabs the little trouble-maker and pins her down against his storage box, holding her wrists behind her back. “What the hell is this going to do?” Alexia bitches as he wraps rope around her wrists. Ivan is hoping that several hours of discomfort will convince her it’s not a good idea to borrow his Jeep, so he ties her elbows tightly, too. She tries to get out of it by saying she won’t take the Jeep again, but Ivan isn’t convinced she has really learned her lesson yet. He XXXX a cleave gag between her teeth, then puts her face down on the box so he can tie those sexy legs. He binds her ankles crossed and ties her silver stilettos on, then continues the rope down around her thighs, pulling her heels close to that hot little ass. Just to add to his fun, he pulls her dress down her shoulders to display her breasts. While Ivan goes to find something else for her, Alexia fiddles with the rope, fingering a knot and managing to get it untied. That’s about as far as her progress gets, though, since she has a very limited range of motion. It doesn’t stop her from trying, arching her back and reaching back to the ropes around her ankles. But Ivan returns with a roll of tape to make her a little quieter. He rolls her onto her side very close to the edge of the box, making her extremely nervous. He goes so far as to let her roll of the box, right into his waiting hands, and he replaces her on top of it. Hopefully she’ll remember this the next time she wants to take his keys. Ivan reties and tightens the rope she managed to get loose, tying it to her wrists to prevent any more fiddling. Maybe she would like to go for a ride in the Jeep now? She’ll fit in the back nicely all tied up like this. He picks her up over his shoulder and takes her out for a drive.

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