Arielle: Dumbass fiance

10:39 video



Arielle is starting to get a little nervous, but in a good way: tonight is the rehearsal dinner, and tomorrow is her wedding. Her long-time best friend Ivan is coming to take her to the dinner, and that should help calm her nerves a little. Except Ivan has other plans – he’s been dropping subtle hints for a long time that he doesn’t like Arielle’s fiancé, and furthermore has been asking her out himself through the years, but she always laughs it off like it’s a joke. Ivan has never been more serious, though, and tonight he’s going to make sure she understands: she isn’t going to marry her dumbass fiancé, she’s going to marry Ivan.

This is completely out of the blue for Arielle – she and Ivan have been friends for a long time, but that’s all they are: friends. So when he starts spouting this nonsense, she is bewildered and a bit angry – especially when he starts to tie her up. She argues and fusses while he ties her wrists behind her back, to the point that Ivan thinks it best to keep her quiet so she won’t say something stupid and piss him off. He crams a wad of panties into her mouth, saying he’s sorry she’s making him do this, and wraps medical tape around her head to shut her up. This only makes her angrier, and she struggles fiercely to prevent him from tying her legs – but Ivan is a big and strong guy who knows how to handle himself, and slender Arielle is no match for him. He pins her ankles between his and ties her knees tightly together, then ties her ankles too.

It’s time he gets his due, for all those years of helping Arielle out, taking care of her, doing all those things for her. She continues to fight him, trying to pull away, twisting and squirming – that feisty spirit is part of what Ivan loves about her, but it’s useless in this case – he has more rope for her, and she’s not going anywhere. He binds her elbows as she struggles off the couch onto her knees, then hauls her ass back up onto the couch beside him so he can unbutton her red blouse. He knows what a great body she has, and now that he’s going to marry her, he has a right to see it whenever he wants. She struggles and grunts angrily, but he still exposes her torso and her lovely little tits, then grabs her by the throat, pushing her back against the couch, and makes sure she’s listening. “Think about it seriously,” he tells her, “It’s either me, or nobody.” At this point, Arielle thinks she may prefer nobody to this crazy possessive Ivan, especially as he adds another rope to pull her hands to her ankles in a tight hogtie. But she’s either going to have to accept Ivan’s offer, or she’ll be spending a lot of time in rope until she does, in some distant town where her dumbass fiancé will never find her. He throws her over his shoulder and takes her out to the van.

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