Pepper: The second time

13:36 video



Pepper has always liked eccentric men, but there are some eccentricities even she can’t handle, like Ivan’s little obsession with rope. The first time it happened, she thought maybe it was a fluke, just something he wanted to try, but this is the second time, and she’s not happy. He tied her wrists, dragged her into the garage, and tied her wrists off to a cross beam on the wall and left her there! When he comes back, he has a whole lot more rope, but before he gets to that, it’s time for a gag. No bondage is complete without a gag! Pepper certainly doesn’t agree, but it’s not like she can say anything at this point, with the big wad of cloth in her mouth and white tape covering half her face. He finally unties her hands, but only so he can pull her shirt over her head and take her bra off before he re-ties them behind her back.

Pepper tried to get away while she had a moment of freedom, but Ivan isn’t going to make it easy. He plants her ass on a stool and ties her wrists off to it to keep her in place. Making her even more secure, he threads a rope around her breasts and to the back of the stool, highlighting those beautiful tits. Wanting to show off another of her attributes, he lets her long hair down before moving down to her legs, but Pepper distracts him with managing to loosen the gag enough to mouth off some more. She’s going to be that way, huh? Ivan has a solution – wrapping the tape all the way around her head a few times. Now he can tie her legs in peace – above her knees, around her ankles, around her red stilettos, then pulling her knees up and tying them around the back of the stool. Now Ivan has all his favorite attributes of Pepper – great legs, lovely tits, and pretty eyes - in one little package for his viewing pleasure. He fucks with her for a minute, pinching her nipples, stroking her legs, and spinning her around in the stool, then goes to sit across the room and admire his handiwork.

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