Pandora von Kit: Too good for her own good

11:38 video



Some people have it all: looks, charm, intelligence, intuition… Pandora seems to be one of those, with fabulous legs, a way with men, and great accounting skills – almost too great. She has noticed first one, then another, then several more discrepancies in the accounts that look like someone may be embezzling from the company. It took her a while to track them all down, but now she’s certain – someone is stealing from the company. So she takes the information to her boss, Mr. Boulder, shows him what she’s found, and reveals her fear to him.

Ivan knew Pandora was good when she was hired, but he was hoping she wasn’t quite that good, or that she’d turn a blind eye to what she found, but unfortunately, she is too honest for her own good – or at least for his good. He has managed to hide the evidence of his stealing from the past several accountants, including the far less attractive ones, but Pandora had to be the one to find him out. Too bad! She was his favorite to look at, walking around the office in her short skirts, stockings, and high heels, and now she has to go. Luckily, he has a few cords in his desk that work well enough for tying her up, so he can quickly bind her wrists when he pins her against the desk. She kicks and argues, thinking he thinks she’s the one stealing – for such an intelligent girl, it seems she’s none too bright. It is a good idea, though, to blame her for the embezzlement, so it works out in his favor. He pulls out another cord from his desk and ties her delicate ankles with it, even adding a loop to keep those sexy heels on. The cord around her wrist has enough of a tail to tie it off to her ankles, making Miss von Kit a compact little package on Ivan’s desk – but she’s still making too loud of a fuss, so he pulls out a spare tie and fits it between her teeth. That will keep her here long enough for him to get his good rope from the car.

Pandora squirms and wiggles on the desk, the harsh cords biting into her pale skin. This is so unfair! She was just trying to be a good and honest employee, and look where it got her - tied up with a computer cable and a phone cord on Mr. Boulder’s desk, about to be blamed for the very crime she brought to her boss’s attention! It doesn’t get much better when he returns – he lets her out of the hogtie, only to add a green rope around her chest and cinch it to her wrists. For just a moment he unties the cord around her ankles, giving her a brief opportunity to kick at him, but he just as quickly grabs her legs again, crosses her ankles, and ties them even tighter, if that’s possible.

Her energy is starting to wear out as fear sets in, and with that much rope on her petite body, she can barely move. She begs for him to let her go, that she won’t tell anyone his secret – but he didn’t get this far by being careless, so he adds a wad of cloth and some tape to her gag, quieting her down a little more. He’s not quite quick enough to add more tape, though, and she manages to spit the gag out. Her small triumph gives her a second wind, and she yells for him to let her go, squirming to the edge of the desk and nearly pulling herself down to her knees before Ivan grabs her again, replacing her on the desk. Now she’s just pissing him off, and he’s less inclined to be gentle – he puts a big piece of tape across her face, then wraps it off the roll around her head a few times for good measure. She certainly won’t be spitting that out! He takes a sneak peak of what he’ll get to play with for a little while before he gets rid of her completely, unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a lacy purple bra and a fabulous little body. Oh, he is going to have fun with her! He throws her over his shoulder like she weighs nothing and hauls her off.

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