Candle Boxxx: Not-so-fake K!dnap

13:21 video

Candle has no problem being a trophy wife for her husband, but she expected a lot more out of him than she’s getting – financially, that is. In a moment of brilliance, she decides to stage a fake to get some extra money from her husband, and calls on Ivan to help her out. The idea itself was the extent of her brilliance, though, so she’s relying entirely on Ivan to properly execute the ploy, from the tying her up in a convincing manner, to the photos sent to her husband, to the collecting the ransom money, to what she’ll tell the cops when she’s “rescued.”


It sure is nice to have Candle cooperating like this – tying her up is easy: she puts her arms behind her back, she barely makes a fuss about how tight it is or his pulling down her top to show off her fantastic boobs (both of which Ivan says are to make the situation more believable). Candle tries to get on with things after her wrists are tied and she’s tied to the chair, but Ivan tells her no would leave her legs loose, so he proceeds to tie them too – crossed, which Candle thinks is more “lady-like.” Ivan sure knows what he’s doing! He’s thought of all the things the cops will look for, and wants to make the situation as real as possible so as to be perfectly convincing to both Candle’s husband and the cops, so neither of them will get caught.

Though Candle is cooperating with this “plebian” Ivan, she has no concept of political correctness or not talking down to the “hired help” who is helping her commit fraud. Ivan sort of knew what kind of woman he would be dealing with for this ploy, but her concepts of societal differences still come across loud and clear in her condescension. So it’s not just for the show that he wants to put a big gag in her mouth, it’s also to shut this snooty bitch up. She protests the gag, thinking it too much, but once again Ivan convinces her that no self-respecting would tie her up and not gag her. So he takes several pictures of poor trophy-wife Candle in her predicament, but when he’s done and she’s ready to be untied, Ivan informs her she’s going to stay like that for a while – for the sake of the act, of course. When she talks to the cops, she won’t be lying when she tells them how long she was tied up, how her fingers went numb, how the groped her great tits, pinched her nipples, and otherwise abused her. It might be overkill to actually do these things to her, but Ivan wants to play his part to a T. He’ll be back in a few hours after he has sent the pictures to her husband and gotten the ransom money.

When he comes back with the news that Candle’s hubby paid the money, she’s thrilled – though she’s none too comfortable after spending so long tied up and gagged. Ivan even managed to get more money than Candle originally wanted – but there’s a catch: he’s not sharing the money with her, he’s taking it all for himself. She still gets the loving, doting husband who lavishes attention and money on her, and she’ll be able to share the horrifying experience with all her socialite friends, but she’s not getting a penny of the ransom money. And just in case she wants to tell someone who her, Ivan informs her that there was a camera recording the whole incident – proof that she was the one who planned it and cooperated the whole way through – so if she sends him to jail, she is going right along with him.

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