GG: Good hookers get tipped

13:04 video



“Ow, you fucker! I don’t do this kinky rough .” Ivan has found himself a high class XXXX who says, “I only do blow jobs and hand jobs.” Well, today the sexy MILF is going to do whatever Ivan wants, and he wants to tie her up. He grabs her wrists and coils rope around them while GG bitches and squirms, trying her best to get away from this perverted bastard, threatening to call her pimp, complaining she’s too old for this , pulling out every excuse in the book.

Before long, Ivan is tired of her mouthing off, and finds a better use for her mouth – a gag. He crams a cloth in that big mouth, then wraps pink vetwrap around her head, with blue electrical tape to complete the look. Much better! Now Ivan can tie her up in peace. He runs a rope across the tight black shorts, securing her to the stool, then under and over her breasts, the green rope complimenting the shiny gold top. It is hard to make out any of GG’s muffled complaints through the gag, but the frequent “ow”s are clear. She kicks her shapely legs, the shiny pantyhose picking up the light and highlighting her muscles. The view inspires Ivan, as it did when he first picked GG, and he decides to tie her legs in such a way that displays how hot they are. They were, after all, what got her in trouble today. Once he ties her ankles together and fixes the rope around her knees, he takes a rope from one arm of the stool to the other and creates a sling for her heels, pulling her knees up.

But he’s not done yet – and when GG gets the gist of what he’s going to do next, she really starts to panic. Through a constant litany of “no!”s and other sounds of protest, Ivan lowers a ring he has hooked into the ceiling and ties her stool off to it. GG’s fear is almost tangible, and it just makes it that much more fun for Ivan. He tips the stool forward and GG screams, genuinely starting to beg. Ivan gives her a moment of relief, setting the stool back on all four legs, but that’s not nearly as much fun as her squeals of fear, so it’s back to a tilt to inspire her…

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