Madalynn Rae: Sitting Pretty

11:42 video

Madalynn Rae: Sitting Pretty



When Maddie got dressed up in a nice evening gown for when Ivan came home, she was imagining a nice dinner out and maybe a show or something. But he brings her into one of the less-used rooms in their house, with a stool and a bag, which turns out to be filled with rope. If she had known what he had in mind for tonight, she probably wouldn’t have been here when he got home. Ivan has had a fantasy of tying her up for a long time, and tonight is the night – hopefully it will be fun for both of them, but if not, it will at least be fun for Ivan. He ties her wrists and elbows, which highlights her perfect curves in the sexy open-backed dress, then puts her into the chair and ties her wrists off to a cross bar.

Ivan figures this will probably be the only time Maddie lets him tie her up, so he has plans to take lots of sexy pictures before he unties her. Or maybe he’ll try to use the pictures as blackmail to get her to let him tie her up again. But her reaction is exactly the opposite – she tells him that as soon as he lets her out of this, she’s gone. This – tying her up at all, and tying her to the stool - is a step too far for her.

But maybe she shouldn’t have told him that while he’s tying her up, because that gives him no incentive to let her go. Maddie thinks he’ll have to, given that she also has a job and they’ll be wondering where she is if he doesn’t let her go. But what’s to stop Ivan from just telling her employer she left him and he doesn’t know where she is? Either way, he’s tired of hearing her – which he kind of anticipated, so he’s prepared: he took some of her old stockings, crammed a few of them halfway into another one, knotted them into place, and made a nice fat gag out of them. It allows him to tie her ankles and knees in peace, then hitch them up to the arm of the stool and tie them off. A piece of shiny black tape over the gag completes the sexy effect, and Ivan goes off to get his camera.

Ivan offers an option to Maddie: if she puts on a good show for him and his camera, he’ll let her go, and what she does from there is up to her. But she has to entertain him…

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