Anna Lee: Vengeance is a bitch

9:47 video



Family businesses usually encourage a lot of loyalty – employees who work there 20 years, children raised in the business to work there as adults, people in the community relying on the business as a source of jobs and money… so when Ivan gets fired for no good reason, he feels pretty betrayed and bitter. Who better to take out his anger on than his former boss – through his precious daughter, Anna, who is sitting in her office doing nothing – as usual – when Ivan comes in. She doesn’t really care much about the business, and certainly doesn’t keep up with who daddy hires or fires, so she is surprised by Ivan’s intrusion, and even more so by his grabbing her and tying her up. It’s not her fault her father fired him! She had nothing to do with it! But she does now – Ivan binds her hands behind her back, then pulls her face down onto her desk to tie her legs at the knees and ankles. She complains that he’s hurting her, that it’s not fair, it’s not her fault, and anything that might get Ivan to untie her, but he’s not listening to her anymore. She even complains about her hair being in her face as he ties her, and finally he listens – but his idea to keep her hair back isn’t one she likes. He found a roll of clear packing tape in her desk, and after pulling her hair back out of her face, he crams a handkerchief into her bitchy mouth and wraps the tape around her head, solving two problems in one – getting her hair out of her face for her, and shutting her up for him.

Anna’s father may not be willing to pay Ivan any more to work for the business, but surely he’ll pay to rescue his darling daughter. Ivan makes her a little more uncomfortable by tying her elbows together while she moans and groans on the desk. Ivan steps into the hallway to make sure the coast is clear so he can take Anna away, leaving her to squirm in her bondage on the hard desk, flexing her legs and arching her back. With no one else around to see them, Ivan lifts little Anna onto his shoulder and carries her off.

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