Nyxon: No way to run a bar

10:36 video



Nyxon always sort of wondered about her business partner, Ivan. He was okay when they first started the bar, did some work and helped out, but lately things have been going downhill. Sure, they have employees who are supposed to do the work, but it’s up to the owners/managers to make sure it gets done – and Ivan isn’t doing his part. Finally fed up after finding the bar a mess – again – Nyxon calls Ivan in to complain.

Ivan is used to Nyxon’s obsessive compulsion about the bar, but when she bitches at him this time, especially about something that the bartender she hired should be doing, he’s had enough. It’s time they had a discussion about the partnership – and by discussion, Ivan means the partnership is over. He grabs Nyxon and pulls her over the bar, tying her hands behind her back. Maybe this is why the bar is never clean – is Ivan playing tie-up games when he should be working? But Nyxon apparently doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut, and keeps bitching at Ivan, giving him no incentive to untie her, and is actually giving him more reason to tie her up. He’s threatening to cut her out of the business, but she knows he can’t cut it on his own, so when the business goes under, she’ll be there to swoop in, take over, and fix it – and he’ll be gone, kinky ridiculousness and all.

But this is assuming he’s going to let her go. No, his plan is to get rid of her – permanently. Though, who knows, it might be profitable to leave her tied up - wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles - on the bar. It might bring in new customers, especially if he lets them do body XXXX on Nyxon – she is pretty hot in those Cuban stockings and black patent high heels, and even hotter tied up. Wanting to see what kind of surface area they’d have to do XXXX off of, Ivan removes her belt and unbuttons her blouse – that hot little body is perfect for body XXXX. But now, Ivan’s favorite part – starting with some panties he found in the back room, which get shoved into Nyxon’s obnoxious mouth, muffling her complaints, and held in place with a few wraps of medical tape. Much better! And so she really can’t go anywhere, he adds a rope from her wrists to her ankles. This way, he can throw her in the car and take her off to a warehouse, where they’re going to discuss the partnership and see what kind of roll Nyxon is going to play in the future – if any. He picks her up over his shoulder, gives her one last look at the bar, and carries her off.   

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