Ludella Hahn: On Display

12:06 video



"Let me go, you big brute!" Ludella struggles hard against the guy who grabbed her and dragged her in by her hair. She pulls against his hands around her wrists, flexing her shapely legs and continues to yell at him. Ivan is unconcerned by her resistance, his strong grip maintained while his other hand wraps rope around her wrists. Ludella has no clue why this guy is doing this to her, but she's not going to make it easy for him.

Fortunately, Ivan likes a little fight, especially from one as sexy as Ludella, with her leopard print top clinging to her skin and the tight black skirt that highlights her curves. Ivan XXXX her backwards onto a stool, pulling her arms over the back to tie her wrists off to a support bar. Another rope over her lap and to the stool legs makes sure she doesn't get up again, then securing her further, the rope crosses over her chest, above and below her pretty breasts. She keeps asking why he's doing this to her, but he refuses to tell her, just keeps tying her up, highlighting all her sexy features - tiny waist, full hips, shapely thighs and calves. He crosses her perfect legs and ties them above the knee to keep them that way - and what an effect! If she wasn't hot as hell before, she's even sexier with her ankles tied off to opposite corners of the stool. Before long, she can barely move, and feels like a statue on display - and Ivan is certainly enjoying the view.

With a cloth tied between her teeth, Ivan notices more than just her pretty face; now he can see what beautiful eyes she has, too. Another rope pulling her elbows tightly together makes her back arch and her breasts even more prominent, prompting Ivan to pull the tight shirt down to show off those lovely little tits while she squeals with indignation. Ivan goes to make a phone call, leaving Ludella to pull against the rope, the muscles in her thighs and calves straining as she tries to get free, whimpering in frustration when she is clearly making no progress. Unfortunately, her shrieking can be heard from the next room, so Ivan comes back to gag her further, cramming a handkerchief into her mouth and wrapping medical tape around her head while she glares at him. To keep her from squirming too much while he's gone for a little while, Ivan hooks a rope around the wooden frame above Ludella and ties it to the back of her chair - then tips her forward so only two legs of the stool are touching the floor. Her eyes wide and frightened, Ludella is left tied, gagged, and tipped precariously - a very sexy display.   

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