Serene Isley: Stark raving mad

9:58 video



As if the holiday season had not been stressful enough for Serene, the sudden insistent pounding on her front door just made her head hurt. When she opened the door to see what the fuss was about, some big crazy guy pushed his way in and started raving about zombies. Sure, the mall crowd might seem a little zombie-like this time of year, but zombies are not real – but try telling this nutcase that. He tries to hush her, warning her that the zombies are attracted to sound, and that she needs to be quiet, or they’ll be found. Her apartment is a great defensible position – top floor, away from the stairs – but it’s still better if the zombies don’t find them at all, so for her own protection, he pulls a string of leather from his pocket and ties her wrists together and to her ankles. Serene continues trying to convince him that zombies aren’t real, trying to get him to untie her, but there is no reasoning with crazy Ivan, and he is only further convinced that he needs to shut her up so she doesn’t attract the zombies. He wanders off to find something to better secure her uncooperative ass while she struggles irritably on the couch, her tight black skirt sliding up over her slick pantyhose.

Ivan comes back with a handful of scarves and starts by tying her knees with one of them. Serene again tries to reason with him, but he only continues to tie her up, replacing the thin leather thong with scarves around her wrists and ankles. Now that they aren’t bound together, Serene can struggle to sitting up, but Ivan sits down behind her and wraps a shiny green scarf around her shiny beige top, pinning her arms to her sides. But she’s still asking too many questions and making too much noise, so Ivan produces some purple panties he found in her bedroom and shoves them into her mouth, tying them in place with a red polka-dotted scarf. She tries to convince him through the gag that she does believe him, and that she can help him fight off the zombies, but he doesn’t quite believe her, so he’s going to keep her tied up until he’s sure it’s safe. Serene groans in frustration and tries to loosen the scarves around her legs, flexing one leg, then the other, but it only seems to make the knots tighter.

Serene is still making too much noise for Ivan’s comfort, so he comes back with some medical tape to wrap around her head, her eyes pleading with him to let her go. When he starts to unbutton her blouse, she mumbles indignantly through the gag, “What does that have to do with zombies?!” She squirms and resists when he pulls down her bra to check out her lovely full breasts. Ivan’s explanation: if they’re going to have to repopulate the earth after the zombie apocalypse, he needs to make sure she’s fit to bear lots of children. He got lucky that the top apartment was inhabited by a hot curvy chick, not some dude, which would make all this a lot harder. Ivan grabs another scarf and ties her ankles to her wrists, pulling poor Serene into a tight hogtie while she moans and grunts in anger. Ivan sets her on the floor so she won’t hurt herself as she rolls and squirms, toiling with the scarves, trying to get away from this lunatic. He decides the safest place in her apartment is back in the bedroom, where the zombies won’t be able to hear them as well, so he throws her over her shoulder and takes her off to hide with him.

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