Dakkota: Solving a kicking problem

11:52 video



In her little black dress and high heels, Dakkota seems innocent enough, but when Ivan grabs her and manhandles her around, it turns out she has a lot of spirit and is not going to make it easy for him.  Even when it’s obvious he outmatches her in strength and power, she still tries endlessly to kick him, knee him, or hit him in some fashion. But Ivan is used to this kind of thing, and knows how to dodge such attempts at violence. He quickly has her wrists tied behind her back, and pins her against the wall to help control those sexy legs while he wraps rope around her chest.  Her dress sways around her thighs as she fights against Ivan and his rope, still trying to aim kicks at his shins behind her. Starting to get tired of her feisty resistance, Ivan moves down to her legs, crouching down in front of her. Dakkota still tries to kick him, but he’s too close, and he grabs her ankles and crosses them, throwing off her balance as he presses her against the wall. A rope keeps them crossed, definitely solving that kicking problem, though it doesn’t stop her from squirming and fidgeting with the ropes – or asking questions and telling Ivan off. But he has something for that, too – he pulls out a wad of cloth and fills her mouth with it, wrapping vetwrap around her head.  The stretchy purple material still shows the shape of her pretty mouth, and Ivan likes the effect so much he adds some thinner electrical tape through the middle of it to define her lips further – and pushes the cloth deeper into her mouth.

Now that Dakkota can’t ask any more annoying questions, Ivan pulls her dress up and tucks the end into the rope around her waist – purely because it’s in the way of tying her knees, not because he wants to look at and fondle her shapely legs with those sexy Cuban stockings. As he knots the rope off, he asks if she’s getting tired of standing like this, off-balance with her ankles crossed, if she wants to sit down – and if she’ll be more cooperative if he lets her sit down. Dakkota nods, but Ivan doesn’t believe her, and figures she’ll try to kick him with both feet as soon as they’re free to move again. He lets her stand and squirm while he thinks about a solution to that kicking problem once she’s seated, and once he comes up with an idea, he adds a rope from around her waist before lifting her off her feet and sitting her up in the corner. The other end of the rope connects to her ankles, pulling her legs up beside her – definitely no kicking from that position. She almost can’t move anymore, can only rock a little and squeal when Ivan gropes her legs. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now Ivan shifts her out of the corner, sets her on her knees, then throws her over his big shoulder and takes her away.   

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