Drea Morgan: Helpless hogtie

10:37 video



Drea was supposed to go out tonight with a few friends, but only found out after getting dressed and ready to go that they weren't going to make it after all. Disappointed, she sits on the couch in her club clothing - shiny silver skirt, black stockings, 6" black high heels, and skimpy black tank top - and ponders what she's going to do with her new-found free time. But before she comes up with anything fun, the decision is made for her: some big guy pounces on her and tries to wrestle her arms behind her. Terrified, Drea fights desperately, trying to get over the arm of the couch and away from her captor, but every time she starts to make a little progress, he pulls her back toward him and into his green rope. In her fearsome struggle, her little black tank top has crept up to reveal her flat stomach and her dark pierced nipples have popped out over the top. But the man is not distracted by the show of flesh, still focused on keeping her in place while he wrap the rope tightly around her wrists.

Grabbing Drea by the ankles, he manhandles her around so he can sit on the couch while tying up her legs, pinning her ankles between his legs so she can't wriggle free. The best she can do is twist her upper body until she slides to the floor, her legs still pinned and still being tied. The burly man flips her onto her stomach, puts one meaty hand around her ankles and ties them together with the other, feeding the loose end of the rope under her hips and pulling her knees into a sharp bend before tying it off to her wrists. Drea whimpers and begs for him to let her go, twisting and writhing on the floor. He hauls her to her knees, propping her against his leg to get a better look at her pretty face. The only thing that would make it better is a nice gag - which fortunately he has. He XXXX a strip of white cloth between her teeth and ties it off behind her head, then takes the time to admire his handiwork - poor helpless Drea! He lifts her easily and tosses her onto the couch in her neat little hogtie, leaving her to struggle furiously in her bonds. She manages to twist herself carefully off the couch into a kneeling position again, but as she catches her breath from the exertion, Ivan comes back with something else in his hand. What now? Apparently Drea is being too loud for Ivan's liking, so he adds another layer to her gag, cramming a wad of panties into her mouth over the other cloth, then fits a piece of wide shiny black tape over the whole mess. Deciding one piece is not enough, he gets up and cuts one more long piece of tape, which nearly covers her whole face, left to right. Now he can really enjoy her, running his big hands over her petite body, pinching her pierced nipples, groping her legs.

After a moment, he steps away again, watching her roll around and struggle on the floor, tugging on the ropes within her reach. Again Ivan interrupts her work, sitting down on the couch and lifting tiny Drea into his lap like she weighs nothing. Fondling her more, he decides it's time to take her someplace no one will be looking for her so they can have a little private fun. He stands, throwing her over his shoulder, and carries her off.

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