Carissa Montgomery: My turn

8:03 video

"Oh my god, I love presents!" Carissa is excited that Ivan has gotten her something special, and eagerly opens the storage ottoman that supposedly holds her present. All that's inside is a roll of duct tape and a roll of packaging tape. She laughs at the joke and asks where her real present is, but Ivan insists this is it, and that she's going to love it. He grabs her wrists and starts wrapping the tape around them, prompting her to complain about how he knows she doesn't like this kinky shit.

But apparently she does like something else - her "friend" David, who supposedly is only a study partner. As Carissa adamantly denies any wrongdoing, Ivan continues taping her up - from ankles to knees, below her full tits, above her knees up her thighs. Ivan doesn't believe her, no matter how much she protests or how angry she gets, and finally he's tired of listening to her bitch and lie. He crams a cloth into her mouth and wraps the packing tape around her head almost as many times as he wrapped the duct tape around her legs. He's nice enough to let her get a little bit comfortable by propping her in the corner on the ottoman before adding more tape, much to Carissa's chagrin. But Ivan is finding Carissa pretty sexy like this - it really shows off her big tits and tiny waist. It becomes even sexier when he pulls the straps of her skimpy black tank top off her shoulders to expose her ample bosom. Carissa grunts and groans in her bondage while Ivan admires the view. She's almost as upset about being taped up as she is about being caught cheating with David. Now Ivan is getting his chance at the kinky sex with Carissa, the stuff she apparently loves to do with David but would never do with Ivan. He picks her up over his shoulder and carries her sexy tape-up ass to the bedroom.   

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