Serene Isley: Making a night of it Part 3

11:25 video



No good deed goes unpunished. Ivan generously untied his captive for the night to let her go to the bathroom, and the ungrateful little bitch tried to escape. It's a good thing he made sure to lock and bolt the door shut, so he was able to catch her before she could unlock anything, but now he's a little bit upset. He had been nice to Serene before, tying her in a more comfortable position, not being cruel to her or XXXX her all that much, but she had to go and try to get free. He drags her back into the main room by her ponytail, throws her down on the bed, and starts to tie her again. She's fighting back a lot more this time, perhaps because he's being rougher, gripping her wrists hard and pinning them against her ass. He's not risking being easy on her now, so he wraps the rope tight around her wrists while her pantyhose-clad legs flail. The fun part of Serene's night is over now. Ivan lets her go briefly to grab more rope, and immediately she tries to get away, but he grabs her ankles and spins her around on the bed, sitting down to pin her legs under his arm while he ties them.

I hope you got that out of your system, because there will be no more going to the bathroom for you. As a matter of fact, I think you're going to spend the rest of the time tied up on this bed in the same position all night long. He knots off her ankles, then stands to get something else for her. Immediately Serene tries to scoot off the bed, but he grabs her by the elbows and drags her back up toward the headboard, then sits her up in front of him, more or less in his lap. He jerks her ponytail back, making her squeal, then shows her how he's going to make it worse for her now, displaying two wads of cloth he's going to cram in her big mouth. She tries to resist, but he XXXX her jaw open and feeds the entire first wad in, then packs the second piece on top of it. "No more nice tape, either" he tells her as he starts covering her mouth with the shiny black tape, "This stuff sticks like hell" Serene whimpers as he winds it tight around her head, and grunts when he pushes her over onto her side. Her knees get tied together, then he manhandles her onto her stomach to tie her elbows together, running the tail ends over her shoulders and tying it behind her neck. Ivan's not holding back anymore – after he knots that rope off, he stretches a rope from one corner of the headboard to her ankles and off to the bottom corner, then to her knees and off to the other bottom corner. She can barely budge her legs at this point. Then he ties her wrists off to both corners of the headboard.

So far it's not too bad, she can't move much, but it's not horribly uncomfortable, as she feared it would be. But Ivan has more rope, and he ties it around her waist. He reminds her that she's going to be in this position for the rest of the night, which worries her, especially when he pulls her hips forward, making a sharp arch in her back and pushing her arms high behind her. The muscles in her back and ass strain in this position, making it all the hotter for Ivan. And Serene really can't move at this point; her shoulders are already starting to ache and she can only flex her thighs and her feet. Ivan is kind of glad now that she decided to be rebellious; he's really enjoying being mean to her now. Too bad he can't stay and watch her suffer, but he has to check on the progress across the street.

Look for part 4 the last part of Serene's  night of bondage

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