Mallory- Fayth: Just Admit Your Mistake‏

10:59 video

Mallory is in the middle of getting ready, she has only managed to get on her panties, stockings, and her sexy high heels when she hears a rapping at the door. She runs over to the door doing her best to cover herself when she cracks the door open. She leans over to see who it is and a hand reaches out going over her mouth and shoving his way through the door. A woman, Fayth, follows closely behind him closing the door behind her. Ivan pulls her arms in place while Fayth stuffs Mallory’s mouth full of fabric, and then wraps her head several times with a teal vet wrap. Fayth snaps at Ivan telling him to keep the whore still. Mallory squirms and shakes her head desperately trying to get away from this crazy couple.

Fayth encourages Ivan to hurt Mallory if she doesn’t hold still, giving her nipple a hard tweak in the process. He hands some rope to Fayth and she quickly ties Mallory’s wrists behind her back saying that she deserves this and calling her a whore again. Ivan runs a piece of rope from Mallory’s wrists through her legs and around her waist and elbows locking them in place while Fayth takes the opportunity to grope her breasts. Fayth keeps accusing Mallory of doing something and demanding that she admit it but Mallory begs and pleads to be let go, claiming to have no knowledge of what she’s done.

The couple sits Mallory on the floor, straddling her, pulling her head back, and tells her all she has to do is say that she is sorry but Mallory refuses. Ivan flips her over and tells Fayth to sit on her to keep her still while he finishes the bondage on the leggy brunette. Fayth smacks her ass over and over until Mallory finally claims that she won’t do it again. Ivan finishes tying her ankles and knees and then leaves poor Mallory for Fayth to play with. Mallory afraid to endure any more pain at the hands of Fayth tries to agree to whatever she says, saying that she is sorry but Fayth just won’t believe her. Fayth takes off her shoes and spanks Mallory with the bottom of her high heel adding insult to injury.

Ivan comes back and Mallory tries to shout that she’s sorry but the couple decides that she’s lying since she doesn’t even know what she’s done to be sorry about. Ivan adds some more rope binding her legs in a bent position and ties her hands into the mix putting Mallory in a tight hogtie on the floor. Fayth laughs at Mallory when she tries to beg, taunting her, and teasing her. Mallory whimpers swearing she won’t do it again. The couple takes turns tormenting Mallory, squeezing her nipples making her squeal into the gag until they finally decide to go get the other witness.

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