Nyxon-Lola Lynn:The Golden Rule

14:29 video

Lola and Nyxon and sitting on the couch, deciding what they want to do for the night. Lola is wearing a very sexy, clingy, leopard print mini dress, while Nyxon is wearing a little black dress that is a bit more conservative, especially when compared to her slutty roommate Lola. They hear a XXXX on the door and Lola asks if Nyxon was expecting someone. Nyxon answers the door and let a mountain of a man, Ivan Boulder, come in and tells Lola that he’s a friend and will be hanging out with them tonight. Ivan walks over and kneels beside Lola, getting fairly close to her. He sits down his green bag and reaches into it while Lola slides away, trying not to be too creeped out by Nyxon’s friend. Nyxon tells Lola that she got something for her and she starts to get excited until Ivan pulls out a bundle of rope. Lola, turns to Nyxon bewildered. He grabs her wrists and coils the rope around them while he explains that Nyxon informed him that Lola was screwing around with Nyxon’s boyfriend!

Lola claims she would never do that to Nyxon, but Ivan offers up pictures as proof and Lola is at a loss for words. Nyxon even tells her that Bobby told her it was true! Ivan continues to bind Lola’s arms while she tries to plead her case, despite the overwhelming evidence against her. Ivan stuffs a big ball gag in Lola’s wide-open mouth and straps it tightly behind her head turning her pleas into muffled mumbles. Lola calls Ivan disgusting and demands that he gets away from her. Instead, Ivan pulls her dress down and exposes her braless beautiful breasts. Ivan lets Lola in on the plan, that he gets to do whatever he wants with little Lola for the night – Nyxon thought it was a very fair punishment.

Nyxon continues to berate Lola while Ivan wraps rope just under her breasts and around her upper arms, cinching them to her naked torso. Nyxon tells Lola that she’s sure her husband wouldn’t like her fucking around either. Ivan wraps the rope above her breasts as well before crossing over one shoulder, looping the rope between her breasts and back up the other side, making them nice and perky. Ivan dumps out his bag of rope on the floor and Lola sighs, resigned to her fate. Nyxon is really enjoying watching her friend go through this. Ivan binds her legs just below her knees and at her ankles locking them together.

Lola finally admits that she fucked Bobby. Instead of saying she’s sorry though, she tells Nyxon that she’s only jealous that her boyfriend wanted to fuck Lola instead. Nyxon tells her that she isn’t jealous, that she just expected more from a friend. She turns to Ivan and tells him that Lola has a little nickname…”Loose Lola” that people like to call her.

Ivan finishes up the ropes on Lola and stands up to take a look. While Nyxon is leaned in checking the knots, Ivan casually walks up behind her and then reaches out grabbing her arms behind her back as well. Nyxon screams out in surprise and says that this isn’t what she hired him for. He bends her over the couch and coils rope around her wrists as well Lola slides away from them in a “you deserve this” kind of manner. Nyxon tries to bite Lola and she slides even further away. Ivan reaches in front, slides Nyxon’s dress down showing off her breasts, and straps a ball gag in her mouth as well.

Ivan picks up Nyxon, sits her on the couch, and gets to work binding her legs to match Lola’s. He tells them that there’s big money in pictures of girls tied up and that he plans to take advantage of the two lovely ladies for some financial benefit as well. When Nyxon acts disgusted by fucking Ivan or seeing Ivan fuck anyone, Lola immediate turn to Ivan and suggests they fuck. He asks her who’s first, her or her friend. Lola suggests that Nyxon go first and that she get to watch. She tries to win over Ivan by pretending to be turned on by the thought of fucking him and being mean to Nyxon.

Ivan leaves the two girls alone on the couch. They bicker and it turns to shoving, and then escalates to full on throwing themselves at each other. Lola tackles Nyxon shoving her off of the couch before giving a victory “hmph” into the gag. Nyxon’s not done yet though, she leans back and starts to kick Lola with her bound legs. Lola tries to kick back but Nyxon is able to slide away.

Ivan returns and finds Nyxon on the floor. He asks how she got there and she replies that Lola pushed her. Lola quickly looks up and says she did it for him and continues to try to moan and act turned on for Ivan. He gets the bed ready then comes back for Nyxon first. He lifts her up with two hands and pulls her to his chest carrying her out of the room. Lola struggles trying to untie the rope before he gets back. He returns to give a little advice to Lola, then throws her over his shoulder and carries her away. Starring Nyson & Lola Lynn

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