Midian-Elizabeth: The Blame Game

11:49 video

Ivan is missing some money and is pretty sure he knows where it wandered off too. He grabs Elizabeth and brings her to his “special location”, ties her to a chair and interrogates her. He refuses to let her go until she tells him where the money is. The clips starts with Ivan leading Midian into the room with the tied up Elizabeth. Her wrists are already bound and she has an upper body harness tied tightly on her upper half. He tells Midian that he has been told that the money was given to her and she should know where it is. Midian calls Elizabeth a bitch, blaming her and asking her how she could do that. Ivan takes that to be an admission of guilt. Midian still denies taking the money. Ivan is convinced that Midian knows where it is and he plans to find out one way or another. He ties her to the large pulley in the room to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.

Elizabeth tries to tell Midian through the gag that she wouldn’t do that to her, that she hasn’t told the man anything, but Midian can’t understand her though the gag. All she understands is the word I’m sorry and that sets her off. She decides to turn the tables and starts claiming that she had nothing to do with the missing money, that it was all Elizabeth!

Midian swears that she doesn’t know where the money is. Ivan shoves a black leather gag in her mouth since she’s not telling him anything useful. She whimpers behind the gag, some of her anger turning to fear. Ivan raises the pulley, lifting Midian’s arms up high behind her, parallel to the ground. Ivan grabs another rope and ties it around Midian’s waist. Ivan ties her thighs together, then continues down with the rope, just below her knees, and finally secures her ankles together as well. He ties Midian’s waist rope to her elbows locking them together.

Ivan leaves the girls gagged and bound to try to figure out who is to blame. As soon as he’s gone, the girls try to help each other escape. Elizabeth hops around in the chair trying to reach Midian’s ropes or at least the pulley to lower it, but before she can get anywhere, Ivan comes back in the room. They both squeal trying to get back to “normal” so he doesn’t make things any worse for them.

Ivan pulls out Midian’s gag and asks her if she’s ready to talk. Midian, ignoring the fact that Elizabeth just tried to help her, quickly blames her for the missing money. She tells Ivan that Elizabeth put it in a vault and that’s all she knows. He decided to go to the vault to see if it’s there. Ivan isn’t going to ignore the escape attempt though. He places Elizabeth under the pulley as well and runs the rope through the top of the chair and then around Midian’s hips locking her ass and back around Elizabeth’s torso. He continues to wrap the rope around the two bound girls until finally knotting it off out of reach of the two girls.

The girls manage to partially untie the ropes and wiggle and sqirm trying to get out but the rope is caught. Midian manages to wiggle her body enough to get the last rope to slide down to her ankles but she can’t get out of it without falling. Elizabeth grabs the ropes and continues to work on the knots. Ivan comes in to inform them that the money was in the vault and that since they are doing such a good job working together to escape, he’s going to leave them too it. Starring Midian & Elizabeth Andrews

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