Destiny: I am done with you

11:12 video

Ivan grabs Destiny and leads her to a chair placed against a pole in a garage. He tells her they need to have a little chat as she sits down causing her very tight fitting short skirt to rides up. He grabs her wrists and starts binding them behind the pole, causing her shirt to become strained at the button on her chest. Ivan tells her that he knows she’s been cheating on him, that he saw her last night with Lew. Destiny is still in disbelief, not really taking in the helplessness of her situation…yet. Ivan takes some blue tape and runs it through her unfaithful mouth and around the pole, thus securing her head to the pole. Ivan then uses a rope attached to the ceiling to tie her forearms together making her position considerably more difficult. Destiny finally starts seeing how serious this all is and starts to whine and wince a bit behind the tape cleave gag. Ivan crosses her legs and she tries hard to look down to see what he’s doing. He starts tying her legs just above the knee and then continues using that rope to tie each ankle to the opposite chair leg on the front. This just accentuates her stunning stocking covered legs and her vulnerability. All she can do is shift her arms back and forth slightly. Ivan stuffs some material in her mouth and then uses a thick heavy black tape to keep it in place over the tape cleave gag. Ivan tells Destiny that he’s going to grab the camera and take a few pictures and then call Lew, and he can come and untie her if he would like to. Destiny tries to protest but not much sound escapes her twice gagged mouth and her body is very limited in its movement, but she does try. Her sexy body pulls against the ropes with each shift. Ivan comes back in and releases the button on her shirt revealing the tops of her breasts and a white lacey bra. Ivan tells her that he is done with her and he has called Lew and Lew admitted to being with her and he may come by to free her at some point. Ivan leaves the room leaving the girl bound, gagged, helpless, and unable to do anything about it. Starring Destiny

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